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Bare Naked Rock & Roll with a Funked Up Jazzy Soul

Dan Spirk is an infusion of different inspirations. He’s chopping up a mix of Bruce Lee, Dr Dre, Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wes Montgomery, Van Halen and U2. The multi-instrumentalist is sautéing and searing his next batch of songs, meanwhile the first set just came out of the oven. Baked with power and emotion. Dan Spirk is serving “Bare Naked Rock and Roll With a Funked Up Jazzy Soul".

Imagine coming to find out that Jim Morrison and Bono were actually brothers, Dan’s vocals and lyrics would be the younger brother that stole Kid Rock’s dirt bike, just to crash the party. Meanwhile his guitar playing is similar to Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, if he were stuck inside of a 1990’s video game with the delay pedal stuck in the on position. Across the Cathedral Dan’s loud drumming sounds as if Alex Van Halen were to be playing old school Hip Hop beats on his modern day Drum Kit. On the other side of the studio Dan’s bass playing skills are hypnotic and deliberate as if Flea were playing Dr Dre Hooks on his Bass. Together they’re serving you “Bare Naked Rock & Roll with a Funked Up Jazzy Soul”.

Dan Spirk